It has always been said that letter writing is an art form so why should writing a letter to Santa be any different?

Here inside our Santa’s Grotto we have specially trained Santa’s letter writing expert Elves so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.
Each child that visits the Grotto will be guided through the process and if you want to help them along the way then that is certainly recommended……. Here’s why………..


Most asked for presents so far…


X Box One
Looks like it could be an expensive Christmas!


Writing the letter
The key to writing a good letter to Santa is to be truthful especially when referring to if you have been naughty or nice this year.


It might stand you in good stead if you admit to the odd occasion when your impeccable character might not have been at it’s best. It’s not going to hurt if you fully explain your actions to show how such an incident was out of character.
For example:


Dear Santa,
I have been mostly good all year and I always make my bed and tidy my room. There was an incident in July when I was on holiday with friends and excitement got the better of me and I threw a TV out the window of my hotel room.
In the morning I was very sorry and I didn’t feel well at all. I spoke to the man who looked after the room and promised to pay him back all the money for the television and the broken window.
He was still upset with me and said that I wasn’t allowed to come stay with him again.
Since then I have been extra good and have been doing the washing up every day.
Your friend