This is part three of our adventure with Mojo the North Pole Penguin.

Be sure to read Mojo’s origin story Meet Mojo The North Pole Penguin and yesterday’s story Mojo Meets Monty the Penguin.

I can’t believe I overslept! Someone must have pulled the power cord for my alarm clock out of the wall in the night. Either that or I tripped on it when I was giving the Qǐ é a pre-midnight snack.

Either way I didn’t have time to check on them before I had to leave and go to work.

Later that morning I got a text from my wife saying the Qǐ é had turned into flurry little cocoons during the night and Mojo was looking rather worried.

The next text I got was that the cocoons had hatched into variety of mischievous stuffed animals that were wrecking the house.
Amongst the new creatures was a Snow Leopard, a Chimp, and a Panda.

By the time I got home all of the new animals had escaped and were running amok of the streets of Colliers Wood. This is an especially impressive feat as I live in Epsom. They must have got the 293 bus which really does go round the houses. You would have thought they would have had enough by the time they got to Sutton but there you go.

After an exciting pursuit I followed the new animals into the local swimming pool. The leader Spike, who had now metaphorized into an adorable yet feisty stuffed Lion, threw himself into the pool. He was closely followed by all the other animals who multiplied at an astonishing rate.

Somehow Mojo fell into the pool and also multiplied into approximately 399 other Mojo’s. This time the duplicates were far more pleasant and helped my herd the gaggle of mischievous animals to Eddie Catz.
Santa’s Elves and Eddie were busy building his grotto and the plan was to somehow subdue the creatures once I had trapped them in the grotto.
I had completely forgot that in the grotto were numerous bags of magical reindeer food which the mischievous animals devoured in seconds.

It turns out that whilst magical reindeer food gives reindeer food the ability to fly it has quite a different effect on mischievous stuffed animals.
Surprisingly reindeer food makes mischievous stuffed animals quite lovely and no trouble whatsoever.
This was just as well as the prospect of microwaving hundreds of stuffed animals might have violated our microwave’s warranty.

So now we have two small problems, we need to make more reindeer food and we have hundreds of formally mischievous stuffed animals to find a home for.

Perhaps there’s some good boys and girls who can help us?