This is the second of our first three part adventure with Mojo The North Pole Penguin. Make sure you read part 1 Meet Mojo The North Pole Penguin

Yesterday I headed up to Oxford Street to see the Christmas lights with my new friend Mojo the North Pole Penguin

I was worried after my daughter’s dribble had caused Mojo to convulse and multiply the day before. Whilst we were there I thought I’d stop in to see my old science teacher who has a Saturday job in John Lewis. Due to the rising house prices in London it’s not unusual for teachers to work Saturday jobs to sustain their hedonistic lifestyle.

As we entered the Oxford Street John Lewis we could sense some excitement in the air. Once we reached the third floor all was explained as Mojo shrieked in delight to see an Antarctic Den and hundreds of penguins.
Oh what fun we had with Mojo’s new friends who for some reason were all called either Monty or Mabel.
There did seem to be a lot more Mabels though.
After we took some selfies and posted pictures to Instagram, making sure to include the hashtag #montythepenguin, we went to see my old science teacher.

Some might think it strange or perhaps even a little bit creepy that a 35 year old man is still in contact with a teacher he parted ways with over 20 years ago but I guess that’s the power of Facebook.

I explained what happened to Mojo the day before after my daughter tried to eat his head. My old science teacher thought we should try and replicate the conditions so we both dribbled on Mojo.
This time Mojo only multiplied once so I left the new Qǐ é with my old science teacher and headed home with Mojo.

I’m not entirely sure what happened after I left John Lewis but for some reason #Toybitmyhandoff was trending on twitter.

More tomorrow