On Christmas Eve reindeers fly, pulling Santa across the sky. Sprinkle food to guide the sleigh and help the reindeer on their way!

Here in Santa’s workshop we pride ourselves on producing the finest magical reindeer food in all the land. The special ingredient is imagination and a sprinkle of Christmas spirit.

Each and every boy and girl who come and visit Santa in our workshop will have the chance, with the help of our Elves, to make their own bag of Magical reindeer food before they have their personal meeting with Santa.
If you find yourself with an insufficient amount of reindeer food to fulfil your needs then here is the recipe for you to make some at home.
Magical reindeer food is best prepared in a magical workshop but if you don’t have one of those then a kitchen will suffice.

 A magical mixing bowl and enchanted mixing spoon may be required depending on the volume you require.
Chef hats are optional as are aprons.
To set the scene it is imperative that all parties are full of festive cheer. If your local radio station is not playing Christmas songs then purchase a Christmas album and begin to play at least 30 minutes before any reindeer food is prepared.
After 30 minutes all parties should be at an optimal level of Christmasness. If no one has hummed at least one song then continue to play Christmas songs for another 30 minutes. It is also important that the room is suitably decorated and fairy lights are switched on.
Having logs on the fire and gifts under the tree might also help as will mistletoe and a nice glass of chianti.
The Ingredients 
Now that a suitable level of Christmas spirit has been achieved add two parts of this to every one part of imagination.
Mix with two parts oats and just the slighest sprinkle of magical Elf glitter.
The choice of oats and magical Elf glitter are entirely your own. We prefer to use organic oats and fair trade Elf Glitter.
Whilst mixing the food say the words
I’ll sprinkle this reindeer food out at night.
The moonlight will make it sparkle bright.
As reindeer fly and roam.
This will guide them to my home.
Pour the reindeer food into a suitable pouch and seal with a lovely poem sticker.
I should also add the fact that this isn’t really fit for human consumption so do try and resist sprinkling this over your cornflakes on Christmas morning.