Dear Santa,


Thank you so much for my present you got my last year. I asked for the fastest car in the world and although I had to wait a bit I did get it eventually.
The nice racing people let me pick a name for it so I called it number 44 as that is my most favourite number in the whole world.
This year I have been very good and have been racing with my friends all over the world. We go on lots of nice holidays and have lots of fun. Everyone says that I am the best at racing and they gave me the top prize for bestest racer because I beat all my friends.
I said i was the best at racing because Santa got me the fastest car in the world but no one believes me.
Yesterday I also got a special prize for being the bestest at all sports. I even beat my friend Rory who is really really good at Golf. I don’t like golf because the cars you drive don’t go very fast.


This year I would like a new racing hat and a Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles action figure. Michelangelo is my favourite but I also like Leonardo.


Your friend Lewis