Dear Santa
I have been a very good boy this year and have been making lots of new friends. I have just been all the way to Australia where I did a big adventure in the jungle.
It rained a lot and I had to eat lots of rice and beans and I even had to eat ostrich bum and camel willy which DID NOT taste nice at all!
There were these little two boys that did speak funny and made fun of everyone. I liked them but they make us do all these funny things with creepy crawlies.
All of my new friends were very special. My best friend Jimmy is really good at football and likes to make fun of everyone. He has long shiny hair like a lady but he is a boy.
There was this other girl who spoke funny and used to dress up as a rabbit! She lived in a big house with other rabbit girls and an old man that loves cuddles.
Everyone was nice to me and said that I was the best at being in the Jungle, even more that big strong Jake and they made me the King.
For Christmas I would like a Thomas the Tank Engine train set and some sweets that DO NOT taste like bum or willy.
Your friend Foggy