Dear Santa,


This year I have been really really good. I’ve been doing lots of singing with my brother and also entered a big singing competition.
It went on for ages! First we had to do a test song in this little room with two old men, a scary lady and another lady who spoke funny. They all liked my song I said I had to come back again to meet all their friends and sing for them.

I did and everyone cheered and said I was so good at singing that I was going on holiday with some of my new friends and one of the old men.
We did more singing on holiday and the old man said that I was so good that when we get back from holiday I was going to do more singing to lots and lots more people.
I was very tired and had done lots of singing already but I said ok.
Then we did singing shows every week with all my new friends. The two old men and the scary lady all told us if they liked us or not. Sometimes some of my new friends would have to go home because they were not as good as singing as me. The other lady would also say things but I couldn’t understand her.


Last week it was only me and Fleur with the pretty hair who had do singing and we got to sing our favourite songs and then we both sung the same song.
Everyone said I did the singing the best and I was the winner.
Now the old man said I have to do lots more singing which is ok but I would like time to play with my Christmas presents as well. He said I am going to sell lots of records for him. I don’t know what records are or where his shop is but I hope it’s in Croydon so I won’t have far to go to work.


For Christmas as I have been so good I would like a new bike.


Your friend Ben