Parents, before you get too worried I do know that there’s more than 80 days till Christmas but I wanted to let all the good little boys and girls know that I’ll be coming to see them in Wimbledon much sooner! I have been speaking to my good friend Eddie Catz and he was kind enough to invite me to stay with him in Wimbledon for a few days before myself, Rudolph and all the other reindeer come and visit all of you on Christmas Eve.

We still have lots of work to do in Santa’s Workshop to get everything ready but it gets very cold here in December which is why we’re moving the whole Winter Wonderland operation to Eddie Catz Wimbledon for two weeks!  This will give me and my Elves a chance to meet lots of boys and girls and they can let me know what their Christmas wish is this year. I have a feeling that a few of them might even tell me what they want as a present too! Little do they know Santa already knows.

Emma I got your letter and I have already saved a Frozen Ice Skating Doll just for you. Marcin I got your letter and my elves are all ready wrapping your Xeno The Cheeky Interactive Baby Monster. Darren I know you like your gadgets and as long as you are a good boy then maybe, just maybe, you might get a Kiddizoom’s Smart Watch. Maria, you have been a good girl so I think you might just get that Barbie Colour Change Bag you so kindly asked for.

The problem is I that I’m going to be a very busy Father Christmas this year so I’m not going to have time to see all of you. My Elves have have been very organised this year and made me this lovely website so all the Mummies and Daddies can get tickets to bring you along.

Eddie Catz loves Christmas and he said that every boy and girl that comes to see me in the Grotto can also play for free in his soft play centre afterwards! You might might even see me and my elves dancing with Eddie if you’re lucky……it depends on how many mince pies I eat though!